Wacker PT2 Parts

DHS Equipment is the industry leader for Wacker PT2 trash pump parts, delivering top quality OEM PT2 parts. Our parts team specializes in expert technical specifications for these pumps, including new style and old style fitment and referencing.

Wacker PT2 Trash Pump Customer Support: 866-611-9369

See the Wacker PT2 image below for model identification:


Since 2006, DHS Equipment has been supplying the top quality mechanical seals found on Wacker PT2 pumps across the country. Performing daily on professional jobs, contractors nationwide trust DHS Equipment as the leading provider for the best PT2 trash pump parts. DHS Equipment is the only dealer in the country to offer a full OEM catalog of Wacker PT2 parts, including impellers, o-rings, shims, and more.

When professionals look for quality and reliability, they find DHS Equipment. When professionals experience great customer support, fast shipping, and expert advice, they stay with DHS Equipment. Going beyond the norm, DHS Equipment steps up to the plate every time, offering industry leading customer support, with more than 30 years of experience and knowledge. Choose DHS Equipment as your Wacker PT2 parts provider and you won't be disappointed.