New Cylinder Kit for Husqvarna K750, old style K760 & K760II

Posted by David Schatz, Owner - DHS Equipment on Aug 16th 2017


K750, old style K760, and K760II Intake Plate

Recently, the Husqvarna K750 and old style K760 5207573-02 cylinder kit became obsolete. The cylinder kit is being replaced by the new style kit, part number 5814761-02.

The new style cylinder has wider intake ports than the old style cylinder. The K750 and old style K760 cylinders include an intake plate that cannot be transferred to the new style cylinder.

In order to use the new style cylinder on your K750 or old style K760, you'll need to order the intake plate with wider ports. The older style intake plate port holes are too narrow, not allowing enough air flow.

The intake plate is now an option for all K750, old style K760, and K760II cylinder kits. You can add this plate in addition to purchasing the cylinder kit from one page.

Also, all K750, old style K760 and K760II cylinders are now only available in Nikasil! Nikasil coated cylinders offer better heat dissipation, performance, and life.