Filter-Air, Oil Bath | Wacker DPU100-70 | 0007942 - Rev 103 | 0099760

5000099760 | 0099760 | Wacker DPU100-70, 0007942, Rev 103
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NOTE: Wacker has introduced a new part number system. The new part number for this part is 5000099760. This part number may not be reflected in Wacker's parts diagrams. If you have any questions about part fitment, please call us toll free at 866-611-9369.

Wacker Neuson DPU100-70 reversible plate compactor Filter-Air, Oil Bath. This Wacker Neuson plate compactor Filter-Air, Oil Bath has the following specification(s):

  • Parts specific for the Wacker Neuson DPU100-70, item number 0007942, revision number 103, reversible plate compactor
  • Wacker Neuson part number 0099760
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