Overhaul Kit | Wacker WM80 Engine | 0176400

WM80 Overhaul Kit | 0176400 | No Crankshaft
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The Wacker Neuson WM80 Engine Overhaul Kit 0176400 is a genuine OEM kit designed to replace worn or damaged parts in the engine. The kit includes the cylinder, piston, needle cage and crankshaft bearings, gasket set, and other necessary components to restore the engine to like-new performance. It is also optionally available with an OEM crankshaft. This kit is compatible with a variety of Wacker Neuson equipment that uses the WM80 engine, such as the BS50-2i, BS500, BS600, and more. The overhaul kit is a cost-effective solution for repairing the engine and extending the lifespan of the equipment.

Wacker Neuson BS50-2i, BS500oi, BS60-2i, BS600oi, BS70-2i, BS500, BS500oi, BS600, BS600oi, BS650, BS700oi genuine OEM WM80 (Rev 200+) overhaul kit.

SERVICE NOTE: The crankshaft pictured above is not included unless you select the option to include the OEM crankshaft. If you choose "not needed" you will not receive a crankshaft with this kit.

Items included in the kit:

  • Cylinder 0176400, 5000176400
  • Cylinder base gasket 0045910, 5000045910
  • Piston 0045908, 5000045908
  • Piston rings 0045904, 5000045904
  • Piston pin 0012199, 5000012199
  • Piston pin clips 0012257, 5000012257
  • Needle cage bearing 0034835, 5000034835
  • Crankshaft bearings 0182662, 5000182662
  • Crankshaft key 0010388, 5000010388
  • Gasket set 0178827, 5000178827
  • Crankshaft nut (flywheel side) 0045914, 5000045914
  • Crankshaft nut (clutch side) 0010883, 5000010883
  • Cylinder head bolts 0095917, 5000095917