Equipment Clutches

Small Engine Clutches

DHS Equipment offers a vast selection of clutches for small engine equipment, acting as inexpensive transmissions. These clutches for lawn and garden equipment, as well as construction equipment, are designed to meet or exceed machine specifications for quality and performance. We've selected the best aftermarket clutches available for our customers. 

Centrifugal Clutches

Shop Centrifugal ClutchesYou'll find a great selection of aftermarket replacement centrifugal clutches for construction equipment, and lawn and garden equipment. These centrifugal clutches have been selected by the parts experts at DHS Equipment, to provide our customers with top quality replacement clutches for their equipment. 

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Electric PTO Clutches

Sho Electric PTO ClutchesWe feature a wide range of electric PTO clutches used in commercial mowers, trenchers, and various other types of lawn and garden equipment, and construction equipment. The electric PTO clutches sold by DHS Equipment are recognized as an affordable replacement to OEM electric PTO clutches, meeting or exceeding specifications for quality and performance.  

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Sprocket Clutches

Shop Sprocket ClutchesSprocket clutches are used in many different types of equipment, such as commercial lawn equipment, commercial chain saws, construction equipment, and more. The applications are endless when it comes to sprocket clutches. The sprocket clutches offered by DHS Equipment have a number of equipment fitments. These sprocket clutches meet or exceed OEM equipemnt specifications for craftsmanship and performance. 

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Roller Chain

Shop Roller ChainDHS Equipment has a large selection of roller chain available for most applications. The roller chain sold be DHS Equipment has been selected by our expert parts team as top quality replacement roller chain. We've been selling this roller chain to our customers for years with great success. 

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