Cylinder Kit (B) | Stihl TS400 | 4223-020-1200

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TS400-B-N Cylinder Kit | w/GSKET | BOSCH | DECO | NDL CAGE
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High-quality aftermarket Stihl TS400 cylinder kit. This TS400 cylinder has a Nikasil coated cylinder wall, an upgrade from the stock chromium coating found on other aftermarket cylinder kits. This kit also includes a needle cage bearing for the piston pin, decompression valve, and spark plug.

SERVICE NOTE: Nikasil plated cylinder for longevity and performance. Not compatible with greater than 10% ethanol fuel.

  • "DHS Quality Parts" brand
  • Nikasil plated cylinder for longevity and performance
  • (B) designation in title refers to our internal inventory system (Kit B, Cylinder Kit) and does not reflect any service codes by Stihl
  • 49mm bore
  • Nikasil cylinder 4223-020-1200
  • Cylinder base gasket 4223-029-2301
  • Piston 4223-030-2000
  • Piston rings 1127-034-3006
  • Piston pin 1110-034-1500
  • Piston pin clips 9463-650-1000
  • Needle cage bearing 9512-003-2340
  • Decompression valve 4223-020-9400
  • Bosch WSR6 spark plug 1110-400-7000
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