Mechanical Seal Kit | Multiquip KIT3TE, QP3, QP3TE, QP3TY, QP3TZ, QP3TH | 803442930

KIT3TE - Without O-Ring
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The Mechanical Seal Kit is a genuine OEM replacement part for Multiquip QP3, QP3TE, QP3TY, QP3TZ, QP3TH models. This kit includes all necessary components to replace a worn or damaged mechanical seal, which is responsible for preventing water from leaking out of the pump. The kit includes the mechanical seal, sleeve, and adjusting liner; as well as o-rings for the impeller, draing cover and casing. With this kit, you can ensure the longevity and efficiency of your Multiquip pump by maintaining a secure seal between the impeller and the pump housing.

Multiquip KIT3TE, QP3, QP3TE, QP3TY, QP3TZ, and QP3TH genuine OEM mechanical seal kit.

SERVICE NOTE: Cover o-ring 0489403400 is not included unless you select it as an option.

IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT RETURNS: Multiquip does not waive restocking fees on returned parts. Any returns require a restocking fee per Multiquip policy. It is imperative that you confirm part fitment before ordering or you'll be subject to Multiquip's restocking fee, even if you reorder the correct part.

  • Genuine Multiquip part
  • Multiquip 803442930
  • Includes impeller o-ring 0482200240
  • Includes mechanical seal 0803442930
  • Includes mechanical seal sleeve 0811885446
  • Includes adjusting liner 0852834525
  • Includes adjusting liner 0852854525
  • Includes drain cover o-ring 0483602250
  • Includes casing o-ring 0489403400
  • Optional cover o-ring 0489403400 - Not included unless selected above
  • Fits Multiquip QP3, QP3TE, QP3TY, QP3TZ, and QP3TH

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