Pump Vacuum Test Gauge | Pump Suction Test Gauge | 0700536, 5000700536

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Pump Test Gauge
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DHS Quality Parts high-quality pump vacuum test gauge. This pump vacuum test gauge is a valuable tool for diagnosing pump performance. Poor suction, poor hose connections, defective o-rings, and pinholes in your suction hose can lead to under-performance and loss of suction. This gauge allows you to accurately test the vacuum of your pump and gives you the best diagnoses for suction issues. This pump test gauge has a maximum diameter of 5".

  • DHS Quality Parts brand
  • Replaces Wacker 0700536, 5000700536
  • Unlike other pump vacuum test gauges, ours has a 3/8" thick aluminum plate to prevent flexing during testing

It requires 1 pound of vacuum to pull water up 1 foot; 20 pounds of vacuum to pull water up 20 feet.

How to Use:

  • Fill pump housing with cold water until it flows out from the discharge port
  • Tighten pump cover and prime plug
  • Bring engine up to operating speed (check engine RPM)

Note: Keep pump housing filled with water at all times while pump is running. If too much water is lost during the test procedure, stop the engine and reprime the pump. It may be necessary to tilt the pump or partially cover the discharge port, to prevent water in the pump housing from being lost while still allowing air to be vented.

  • Grease the mounting face of the vacuum gauge to ensure a good seal
  • Press gauge over inlet port
  • Gauge reading should slowly climb and then hold steady
  • With gauge still against the inlet port, turn off the engine. The gauge reading should not change

Note: This test MUST be completed within a few minutes to prevent the water in the pump housing from getting hot, which will result in lower readings. If possible, allow cold water to run into the discharge part while testing pump. 

Excellent: 20-24 in.HG | 68-82 KPa
Satisfactory: 16-20 in.HG | 55-68 KPa

  • Universal Fitment up to 5"

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  • 5
    Great find .

    Posted by Carl Smith on Dec 5th 2019

    Great for maintenance on our pumps.

  • 5

    Posted by Dougie on Dec 5th 2019

    Great way to keep up on my pump fleet. hard to find an item like this