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5001006882 |LARGE BELLOWS BS600 600 70 700
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The Wacker Neuson Bellows (part number 1006882) is a replacement part for various Wacker Neuson equipment models. The bellows is a flexible, accordion-like component that helps protect the engine and other internal components from dust, dirt, and debris. It is typically located between the air filter and carburetor, and its function is to prevent contaminants from entering the engine while allowing air to flow through the intake system. The Wacker Neuson Bellows is made from durable materials and is designed to provide reliable performance and long service life.

Wacker Neuson BS60-2, BS60-2i, BS60-4, BS600, BS600oi, BS650, BS65Y, BS70-2i, BS700, BS700oi, DS70, snd DS720 genuine OEM bellows.

SERVICE NOTE: (You may recieve yellow, green or grey bellows. Everything about the bellows is the same other than the color.)

  • Genuine Wacker Neuson part
  • Wacker Neuson 1006882