How To: Replacing the Belt on a Husqvarna FS400

Posted by David Schatz - Owner on Mar 20th 2020

It's quite easy to replace the belt on a Husqvarna FS400 floor saw. We've put this guide together to help you do it yourself.

Remove the Old Belt

  • Raise the machine to its highest position

  • Remove the three screws from the belt guard using a 16mm wrench
  • Lift off the belt guard
  • Loosen the tension screw (D) near the base of the engine
  • Lower the machine
  • Loosen the four bolts (E, F) securing the engine to the frame
  • Push the engine forward to loosen the belt from the pulleys
  • Remove the belt

Install the New Belt

  • Slide the new belt onto the pulleys

  • Tighten the engine bolts slightly
  • Tighten the tension screw and the engine will be pushed back
  • Check the tension of the belt by twisting it. If it possible to twist the belt to 45 degrees (not more, not less), the belt is properly tensioned
  • Make sure both pulleys are aligned by placing a straight edge across them
  • Tighten the engine bolts
  • Back off the tension screw two turns and tighten the locking nut
  • Put the belt guard back on

The belt part number is 588 76 85-01 and is a genuine Husqvarna part.