Maintenance Kit | Wacker WP1540, WP1550 | Models w/Subaru/WM170 Engine

Wacker Neuson WP1540 and WP1550 plate compactor service kit for models with Subaru/WM170 engines. This service kit includes everything you need to properly maintain the WP1540 and WP1550 plate compactor, including instructions. This service kit has the following specification(s):

  • Fits Subaru/WM170 engine models only
  • Includes 0111158 aftermarket belt
  • Includes 0088848 exciter o-ring
  • Includes 5oz of exciter lube
  • Includes 1 quart of oil
  • Includes NGK BR6HS spark plug
  • Includes 0156759 aftermarket air filter
  • Instruction sheet is included


Service Note: Engine oil should be changed after the first 20 hour of operation, and then every month, or after every 100 hours of operation.

Service Note: New drive belts should be inspected after the first 20 hours of operation, and every 2 weeks or after every 50 hours after that. There should only be 1/4"-3/8" of deflection halfway between the drive pulleys. If there is more deflection, inspect your shockmounts for wear or damage before adjusting the clutch.

Recently, Wacker Neuson made significant changes to the line of WP and VP plate compactors. Almost every part is different on the newer models. The following plate compactors are the newer style:


  • WP1540A - Item Number: 5100018328
  • WP1540AW - Item Number: 5100018327
  • WP1550A - Item Number: 5100018325
  • WP1550AW - Item Number: 5100018324
  • VP1135A - Item Number: 5100018351
  • VP1135AW - Item Number: 5100018351
  • VP1340A - Item Number: 5100018347
  • VP1340AW - Item Number:5100018346
  • VP1550A - Item Number: 5100018342
  • VP1550AW - Item Number: 5100018343
  • VP2050A - Item Number: 5100018359
  • VP2050AW - Item Number: 5100018358


The item number can be found on the data tag of your machine.


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WP-Subaru Service Kit